Duck and Geese

At Craigievern we usually have 3 types of ducks available. We also have Khaki Campbell eggs and Indian Runner hatching eggs available as long as the ducks are laying.


Kortlang Khaki Campbell Ducks from Craigievern Poultry

Kortlang Khaki Campbell
A good laying duck, laying approx 320 eggs per year. You can expect 2 good laying seasons expected before they tail off. Lay a White egg.

white Indian runner Ducks from Craigievern Poultry

White Indian Runners
Lay a large green/blue eggs and you can expect approx 150-200 per year.

Kortlang white ducks from Craigievern Poultry

Kortlang Whites
Aylsbury X Pekin. Lay approx. 310 eggs per year. Eat slightly more food than the Khaki’s but also lay a larger egg. Lay a white egg.

Chiltern Geese

Norfolk Geese
We occasionally have geese available for sale. These are good laying geese, and lay better in their 2nd year laying. We don’t keep many throughout the year but can supply them in the spring at day old.

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